Winter Wedding Dress Ideas

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Posted on February 21 2024

Winter weddings offer a magical backdrop for the celebration of love and matrimony. If you're a bride who has decided to have your wedding nuptials during the winter season, picking the best fit for your big day, which is both snug and comfortable is of utmost importance. Noodz Boutique offers a range of winter wedding dresses for all the contemporary brides out there. 


Why Some Brides opt for a Winter Wedding?

An actual fact about winter weddings is that they're a lot cheaper than summer weddings. Looking at the statistics, the average cost of a wedding year-round in Australia is over and above $31,000. A winter wedding in Australia on an average costs $25,004. 

The reason why winter weddings are less expensive is because winter tends to bring cost savings from vendors, who are oftentimes interested in filling up their venues in the off months. Besides being a slow time for the vendors, winter doesn't bring great business for the photographers either. It's wise to take advantage of this opportunity and hire your dream wedding photographer at a negotiated rate. 

The same scenario applies to the caterers too. Food vendors are usually experiencing low demand during the winters and might be ready to cut you a reasonable deal. 

The honeymoon costs are also diminished significantly, with airlines and resorts offering lower prices to entice people during the colder months.

The Perfect Wedding Date 

The chances of your vendor offering you a date of your own choice are higher for a winter wedding as compared to a summer one. Winter weddings will usually come with booking days that are more likeable such as Saturday and Sunday. 64% of couples are able to hold their weddings on a Saturday while only 62% of them get their venue available on a Saturday when it comes to the rest of the year. 

Many couples will set their wedding date around June, July, and August as this time is generally considered to have "love in the air" , with its twinkling light and an overall cozy atmosphere. Late March is also the wedding prime time as one can capture the beauty of early winter with autumn foliage just around the corner. 

Popular Winter Wedding Themes 

To capture the romance and magic of the winter season, couples are presented with a varied set of theme options, each one of them being exceptional. Following are some of the all-time favorite wedding themes:

Rustic Chic

Incorporating natural elements such as pinecones, evergreen branches, and wooden accents will contribute towards creating a beautiful rustic themed winter wedding. Plain patterns tend to add warmth and when coupled with dangling lanterns and the chilly winter atmosphere, you've got yourself a magical event. 

Winter Wonderland 

A winter wonderland theme would consist of glistening snowflakes, twinkling lights, crystal accents and what not. When it comes to a winter wonderland theme the ideas are endless, each one better than the other. This theme tends to achieve what several other themes fail to keep in account, a cozy yet elegant atmosphere. Elements such as faux fur and crystal accents elevate the overall look. 

Cozy Cabin

Everyone loves a cabin getaway to the mountains and when you throw in a wedding, things get even more fun. Couples who are having a winter wedding will at times choose a cabin as their venue. Hearty food, warm décor, and plaid blankets sound like a dream and this dream can come true if you go for a cozy cabin theme for your big day. 

Winter Wedding Trends 

Weddings in Australia that take place during the winter, even though having their own charm and uniqueness, tend to follow several trends for timeless elegance. Some of these are: 

  • Moody Color Palettes: Contemporary brides will go for colours like emerald green, burgundy, navy blue, and plum. Such moody hues create a balance between romance and sophistication. 
  • Statement Sleeves: Another popular trend for winter weddings in Australia are bridal gowns with voluminous or intricately detailed statement sleeves. Such designs add a dramatic touch while keeping the wedding attire elegant. 
  • Creative Lighting: The lighting on your big day will hold great importance as it will either complement your look or work against it. Going for warm lighting with the help of lanterns, candles, and string lights is a popular choice amongst the masses. 

Our Top Picks 

Here at Noodz Boutique we've singled out the best picks for a contemporary bride. 

Vera Long-Sleeve Crepe Gown

Ivory White Long Sleeve Fitted Wedding Gown with Boat Neckline, Closed Back and Long Train worn with Extra Long Veil


Starting off, we've got this modest yet chic long sleeve wedding gown that features a sophisticated boat neckline. If you're having a winter wedding in Australia, this thick crepe wedding dress will not only look flattering but also give you optimum protection against the icy wind. The design is simple yet timeless and the dress fits one like second skin with its stretchy form-fitting crepe fabric. 

To elevate the whole look, you can style it with a veil and dangling earrings, achieving an elegant look.


Elena Long-Sleeve Pattern Sequin Gown - White/White

White Embroidered Pattern Sequin Fitted Full Length Evening Bridal Gown, Long Sleeves, Deep V Neck, Long Mermaid Train

The Elena pattern sequin gown has a classic V neckline, perfect for modern brides that want to expose a modest amount of their neck. Accompanied with long sleeves, the pattern sequin fabric with subtle shine elevates the simple look of this gown. Because the fabric has high stretch, it looks flattering on most body types. 

Athena Long Sleeve Gown 

 Long Sleeve Wedding Gown featuring White Vintage Inspired Lace Pattern with Chai Coloured Underlay in Sheer Illusion Design, Long Sleeves with Scalloped Edge, Fit and Flare Silhouette, Illusion V Plunging Neckline, Low Back and Sweep Train

This one's specially curated for our contemporary brides who love the lacy fabric look. Modern and sheer design with long sleeves, our Athena Long Sleeve Gown is a comfortable and glamorous pick for your winter wedding shenanigans. 

Whether it's a fairy-tale ensemble you're looking for or a sleek and modern dress design, here at Noodz boutique, we'll help you find the perfect dress, making sure you have an unforgettable winter wedding in the dress of your dreams! 



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