Every Occasion Becomes Special When You Rock Special Occasion Dresses

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Posted on May 26 2016

Rather than stressing yourself out on what to wear during special events and ceremonies, we bring to you the standout special occasion dress options so that you feel and look special anywhere and everywhere you go!

1. Birthday Party

Girl, you are no longer 10 that you will have some cake, call your friends over and play with your Barbie and Ken dolls. Birthday parties these days are elaborate affairs which invariably have some really cool themes amongst which all-red and all-white parties are definitely topping the list. Whether you have organised a birthday party in a cocktail bar, a sinful all-red theme would definitely wow all your guests. You'll be spoilt rotten with the Noodz boutique's Red Dress Collection. Take your pick from low back gowns to two-piece bandage dresses.



However, if you are planning to have a private boat cruise birthday party, such special events may necessitate that you stick to all-white special occasion dresses. You can never go wrong with a form-fitted bandage dresses such as the Angeline Dress or one with super stylish cut outs like the Cassie Dress.

Find more gorgeous pieces from the White/Beige Dress Collection at Noodz Boutique.


2. Hens Party (or Bachelorette Party for all the girls outside Australia)

The hens parties are the most fun you will ever have with your girlfriends so why not make the most of it? These parties call for the most special dresses, which should be comfy yet stylish, prudent yet sexy. Seek inspiration from the Adriana Mini Bandage Dress which features the one shoulder design and oh so sexy cutouts across the chest to one shoulder and on one side of your waist. Guaranteed to turn heads!


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 3. Attending weddings

When attending a wedding, it is advisable to wear a dress with hemlines that stretch far beyond your knee and that does not show too much skin. In addition, you should adhere to the dress codes as written in the wedding invitation. The midi or below-the-knee length dresses are a safe choice. Here at Noodz Boutique you will find a variety of colors and styles of midi dresses that are suitable for wedding guests. Check out our Midi Dress collection at the following link: https://www.noodzboutique.com.au/collections/midi-dresses

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4. Formal/Prom

Depending upon your school's dress code, a full-length gown may be appropriate for a year 12 school formal/ball event. If you’re going to the dance with a date, coordinate with them first to see if part of their outfit can match yours. If you go with a boy, their shirt, tie, or vest/cumberbund could match your dress, top, or accessories. You will most likely find the perfect dress here at Noodz Boutique without spending a fortune! Check out our formal collection at the following link: https://www.noodzboutique.com.au/collections/formal-dresses


Now that you have found all the ideal special occasion dresses to brighten the remarkable events in your life, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy them all!



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