History of Bandage Dresses

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Posted on February 16 2016

Let’s Dig Deep into the History of Bandage Dresses!

If there’s anything constant about fashion, it’s change. Be it leather pants or peasant blouses, fashion sensations can become fads overnight. Believe it or not bandage dresses have overcome the test of time and emerged as classic pieces of a woman’s wardrobe. Excited to know more? Dig in!

The Inception

If you take a look at the street shots of Edward Linley Sambourne in the 1990s, you would discover the seeds of the bandage dresses had been planted in the ornate corsets. Then came the 1920s when the propagation of feminist ideals took up arms against garments that constrained the feminine figure. Though this trend continued up to the early years of 1930s, fashionistas like Jean Harlow continued promoting the bodycon trend with panache. Swim wear incorporated the curve hugging silhouettes in 1940s which became the cue for divas like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Paige to mingle the now-classic combo of bandage dresses and sheath in the 1950s. While the Supremes became the torch bearer of body hugging gowns in the 60s, a sensation that even left its mark on the 70s style. Paco Rabanne came up with the chain mail dresses that are undoubtedly the inspiration for the intricate wrapping of fabric in the modern dresses. 

Image source: (vogue.co.uk/person/marilyn-monroe) Marilyn Monroe wearing bodycon dress

The Rest is History

Herve Leger was credited with the invention of bandage dresses, or the “bender” as it was called then in his 1989 runway show. He acknowledged his inspiration to be the bathing suits of the yester years and his work with the seam bindings. However, one tends to forget the contribution of the “King of Cling”, Azzedine Alaia who introduced his own unique line of rompers, skirts and cycling shorts in 1986 and whose creation graced the appearances of trendsetters like Madonna and Tina Turner.

Image source: (glamour.com) French designer/founder of Hervé Léger - Hervé Peugnet at his runway show in 1998

The Modern Phenomenon

In the 21st century, bandage dresses have assumed an aura of versatility and can be anything and everything you want. From fierce and confident outfits in bold colors to the nude shades, which highlight your svelte figure, you can be sweet or sexy in a single trip to the dressing room. Not only are they durable but the refined style would make heads turn wherever you go. Bandage dresses become your second skin and comfort would just be at your fingertips. Don’t believe us? The likes of Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Megan Fox have believed in this, and it’s high time that so should you!

Image source: (girlmeetsdress.com) Miranda Kerr and her fond of bandage dresses



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