How to choose a hairstyle that suits your outfit

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Posted on February 26 2016

While the fashion changes with each turn of the season, certain things thankfully remain the same. No matter how stunning that gown is, a gorgeous mane of hair can put even the most dazzling accessory to shame. Our hair has always been one of our best friends through thick and thin. So why not seek a little help from them this once and adapt your hairstyle in order to bring the best out in your each of your outfits?

Let your outfit shine, the hairstyles would follow

Your outfit forms the foundation around which your entire look revolves. Before you go for that drastic hair makeover just remember that by adapting the different types of outfits to the kind of figure you have is the battle won.

Nailing that Formal Prom Look

There’s nothing worse than wearing a Versace gown that makes you look like a million bucks and having it overwhelmed by messy hair. Balance and simplicity is the keyword when it comes to formal attire. You should always remember that the hairstyle is only an accessory to highlight the brilliance of your dress, which necessitates that your hairstyle is subtle rather than bold and intricate. Elegant hair up dos like the buns, sleek ponytails and French twists are the ones to opt for if you want the glory of your formal outfit to shine through.

Checkout the neckline before choosing a hairstyle

As we had stressed before, the combination of neckline and hairstyle can potentially make or break your look. If your dress has a sweetheart neckline or has a low cut on the front and back, you can let your hair fall in waves on your shoulders to add a bit of oomph. However, if your outfit has a high neckline, it is better than you fall back on an up do. For the diva look, make sure that your hairstyle has some curly locks meticulously out of place to frame your cheekbones and you will be good to go!

The Strapless Dilemma

There’s nothing that says flirty as well as a strapless mini or tube dress. Since your outfit in itself oozes cuteness, your hairstyle should aim to balance it out with a dash of fierceness. Rather than sticking to the same old romantic waves, defy the crowd and wear your hair straight on your back. We promise you that the hot guy in the bar wouldn’t be able to take his eyes of you!



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