School Formals - Tried & Tested Styling Tips

Written by Noodz Boutique


Posted on March 18 2016

When it is time for your school formal, it is better to be prepared and make memories rather than ending up with a nightmare. Dress, hair, makeup and accessories can all get a little confusing sometimes that’s why we are here to bail you out! Irrespective of whether you belong in Year 12 or in Year 10, you can make the most of it just by following our styling tips.

Styling tips on the day of your school formal:

The Dress- The Year 12 school formals typically need to dress in a formal manner when a full-length gown is allowed rather than the Year 10 where cocktail dresses are more appropriate. Stick to bold and classy colors if you really want to dress for the occasion. Remember that your formal dress is not a one-time investment but that of a lifetime. However, since there is no hard and fast rule about the length, you can always dare to work outside the boundaries if you are confident you can carry it off. You should be able to recycle and wear it later in your life. However, rather than spending all your pocket money on over a $1000+ dress, select a gorgeous dress from our Formal Dress Collection at Noodz Boutique, starting from just $180 AUD. Noodz Boutique formal dresses are sensual, classy and affordable. Our evening wear features stylishly low-cut design which is perfect for girls who love to look & feel sexy, and sassy girls aiming to steal the limelight.

Image: Style queen @shiraleecoleman in our 'Estelle' Gown in Rose Gold

• Hairstyles- Your hairstyle should depend on your choice of dress. If you are wearing a plunging neckline, it is preferable that you keep your locks loose channeling beach waves. But if you want to draw attention to your assets, try to make an elegant French braid and tie it around your crown to form a hair tiara. Want to be fierce whilst you begin your new life? Straighten your hair, flip it back and tuck the loose end behind your ears.

• Undergarments- Choosing the right bra and panty is as important as choosing the dress itself! Consider wearing seamless panty to avoid panty lines. Try a stick-on and/or strapless bra for a low-cut dress that a normal bra might not be appropriate. In some cases if you have to go without a bra, use the nipple covers to ensure you don't show too much of your assets! Another tip for your low-cut dress is double-sided fashion tape which should keep things in place and help you avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

• Shoes- Yes, high heels might be your first choice but stop and consider comfort too. Flats and pumps allow you to carry yourself in style while rocking those moves on the dance floor!

• The Formal Accessories- Since the corsage would be a gift from your fashion sense impaired clueless boyfriend, it might be wise to give him hints about what to get you so that it blends in well with the style you are trying to pull off on that special night. From lilies, roses to hydrangea blooms to a variety of details, the choices at your disposal are fairly limitless!



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