10 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Try!

Written by Noodz Boutique


Posted on March 22 2016

1. For a neat eye shadow and winged eyeliner application, use sticky tape or place a business card upward diagonally on your eyelid before you do your normal eye shadow/eyeliner.

     Image source: beautypointofview.com

    2. More tip on the perfect winged eyeliner: start from the outer corner of your eyes by drawing a wing frame first, then draw the line further to the inner corner of eyes before filling in the eyeliner liquid.

      Image source: emirates247.com


      3. For luscious lips without the need for lip filler injection, try a lip plumper! Rub a little water on your lips and start sucking it gently for a few minutes and wahla your lips are instantly plumped! Our fave brand is called “Fullips”.
      Image source: beauty.com.kw


      4. Did you know that if you don't have eyebrow gel, you can use your waxy lip balm on the eyebrows so your eyebrows stay in place?

      5. If you curl your hair vertically you will get tight curls. If you curl your hair horizontally you will get loose curls!

      6. When blow drying your hair, tilt your head down and blow dry upside down. This will help make your hair appear more volumised and look like you have fuller hair.

      7. You can use baby shampoo to wash your makeup brushes instead of expensive makeup blush cleanser!

      8. Use a damp beauty blender (by spraying it with water first) to dab the foundation or concealer all over your face when applying it. Its elliptical shape will help you access hard to get to areas for example under your eyes and on the sides of your nose, and gives you a streak free and flawless finish.

        Image source: makeupgeek.com

        9. If you have a lot of baby hair on your forehead when you do a ponytail, use hair spray on a clean toothbrush and brush your hair from the front to the ponytail to smoothen baby hair out for a more sleek ponytail look.

        10. If you find it too difficult to fit your false eyelashes to your eye shape, try cutting the false eyelashes into 3 small strips and glue on your eyelashes one by one in multiple sections.

         Image source: ellesees.net



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