Year 12 Formal Gowns

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Posted on March 06 2017

Today we are covering a meaningful event for all the year 12’s. The high school ball. This formal event is where you can all come together before heading out into the world. Choosing the perfect outfit is important as it’s an occasion you will look back on. Something else to consider is matching up your outfit with your partner. This way you will both complement each other and be the best dressed couple at the ball. To make is as easy as possible we have created a guide to matching your gown with your partner’s outfit.

Match your dress to their tie

A great way to look trendy together is by choosing a tie for him that will match your evening gown. It will be easy for him to pick a suit and you’ll both look co-ordinated in a classy way. If you’re choosing a light color such as pink or rosy gold, then have your guy choose a pink tie.

Images: our customers wearing the "Estelle" sequin gown in rose gold with their partners wearing the matching light pink ties

A grey suit would also be a good choice as it’s a masculine color that will suit the pink. The same goes for blue but you could also choose a black suit as it suits blue nicely. If you’re going for a metallic tone have your guy choose a black suit with a grey or black tie. Grey matches silver and black and gold are the ultimate color combo.

Pair your dress to their shirt

If your partner is a little braver then he could match his shirt to your prom dress. This is a look for the couples that like to dress up but like to be bold and have a little fun to. This works just like the tie. If your choosing a pale shade like pink or blue, then have your guy wear a similar color shirt with grey pants and jacket. This look is best if you’re wearing a dark color. As a dark suit, will look dapper and he will look masculine and cool in any color.

Color matched Pocket Square

A subtle way to co-ordinate with your partner is with a pocket square. Any shade or pattern would work with this because it will just be a flash of color on his suit to say he’s with you. He will also have a lot more choice when choosing his formal wear because a pocket square will go with any suit of any color. So, whatever the color of your dress, a pocket square is a stylish way to go.

We hope you have found some inspiration for your school formal outfits. You can find a whole selection of stunning gowns from Noodz Boutique's Formal Dress Collection here



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