Best NB Luxe Formalwear to suit your skin tone

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Posted on August 16 2019

Are you thinking about buying NB Luxe Formalwear but worried about your skin tone? If yes, then this guide can help you solve your problem. No matter what skin texture do you have, you can always have a right dress for yourself. You just need to understand which colors suit or complement your skin tone. First of all, you need to determine the color of your skin.      


Best color for people with warm skin undertone:

If you have peachy undertone, then you really need to look for the right colors. Looking best in formal wear all depends on your choice for colors. In our opinion, you should go with earthy colors. The clothes available with these shades surely suit your skin hue and look perfect on you. Some other shades such as mustard yellow, warm red, green and brown are really natural and warm. If you really want to make formal wear work for you then go with neutrals like cream and beige color. These are softer shades and you can have a desired look by choosing these hues. Whether you are planning to buy formal shirt, gown, jacket, blazer or anything else, you need to be very careful. You need something that can bring out the best in you. Explore the wide collection of formal wear at NB Luxe Formalwear and you will surely get the colours you are looking for.


Neutral skin undertone:

If you have neither cool nor warm skin tone, then you can try all the colors. This is really an advantage for you, however, you should try various contrast levels to find the best colour combination for yourself. You should know all about the universally flattering colors. Dark purple, green and a true red are considered as universally flattering colors.


Cool Skin Undertone:

If you have cool skin undertone then green, purple and blue are your colors. These colours will add to your persona and you will surely leave your mark.


Skin type

Color to wear

Color to avoid

Pale or fair skin

Darker colors such as grey, burgundy, brown, navy, bottle green, and bolder shades of blue. These darker shades will all work well.  Such shades contrast with pale or fair skin tone.

You can also choose sand, camel, khaki and slate grey

You should avoid soft, bright and pastel shades.  You can go for neutrals too. Avoid light beige, white, or stone.

Medium or olive skin

Either a little brighter or darker shade will suit you. You better choose pale beige or bolder purple shade.

Avoid wearing yellow or green shade

Darker skin

They can wear bold and bright colors such as cobalt blue and jade green

Brown and pastel shades


Tips to choose Best NB Luxe Formalwear to suit your skin hue:

You should identify the color that suits your skin texture and personality. You need to go with the colors with slight variations. If green is suitable color for you, then you can try colors like pale green?  You should go with the right formal wear that matches your body type as well. There are so many factors that you should consider while buying any such dress. NB Luxe Formalwear collection also offers a wide range of options for women with different skin tones or body types. You can explore the collection and find out the right dress for your next event. Your clothes depict your personality so better choose the best one. You cannot compromise on the quality, so go for the best formal wear that makes you look elegant and perfect at the same time.



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