Bodycon Dress or Bandage Dress

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Posted on November 01 2016

Finding that dress you saw on a celebrity or searching for the latest style is sometimes no easy task. There are so many different words and fashion terms used all over the world. One style that falls into the “what is it actually called?” category is the bodycon dress. Is it a bodycon or a bandage dress, nobody seems to know and it seems to be often up for debate. We are clearing up any confusion by simply saying a bandage dress is a type of bodycon dress. The bodycon dress is created with stretchy fabrics that fit very close to the skin. This form fitting dress has been referred to as a woman’s "second skin". These first came onto the fashion scene in the 80’s from designer Azzedine Alaia, however the style didn’t really explode into the spotlight until in the 1990’s. In the 90’s the skin tight Herve Leger dresses were the must have, many celebrities were wearing them from Cindy Crawford to Victoria Beckham. Today these dresses are just as popular and are worn by Hollywood A-listers and fashion lovers alike. The dresses are also favourites with the Kardashians. Through the decades these dresses have evolved to suit the new trends. One thing has remained the same, the curve hugging style that will contour the body to show you off at your best.

So, that is the basics of the bodycon dress covered. Now let’s look at the bandage dress. The bandage dress is another skin-tight dress that is created with stretch fabrics and comes in a variety of colours and styles. Just like the bodycon dress this dress shapes and contours the body while giving you a smooth silhouette. The term bandage dress is also associated with Herve Leger and with the celebrities who love to wear the bodycon tight fitting look. Bandage dresses basically use the bodycon elements to create a different dress.

Now you can see why the bandage dress is a type of bodycon. You can call it either name so you can stop debating on what your dress is and focus on what gorgeous colour or style you want to wear next!

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