Cocktail Dress vs Formal Dress

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Posted on June 20 2016

Sometimes in our lives, us girls find ourselves wishing that we could be boys and get over all the trials and tribulations we go through to find the right kind of dress and match it with the event we would be attending. But then we see how gorgeous we look in the stunning array of dresses and the sight more than makes up for it. However, even the greatest of fashionistas tend to stumble when the time comes to decide whether a particular occasion requires a Cocktail or a Formal dress and many don’t even know what differentiates one from the other! So, here we are telling you all you need to know in order to distinguish between a Cocktail dress and a Formal dress and would also give you styling tips at the end of it, so make sure you stay hooked! :)

The Fundamental Differences Between Cocktail and Formal Dresses

As the name goes, Cocktail dresses are predominantly worn at cocktail parties and any other semi-formal occasions whereas you need to go to a formal event strictly dressed in Formal attire. The formal dresses are almost always of the ankle length and sometimes can be slightly shorter, in which case they are categorised as tea length formal dresses. In addition, formal dresses having been meant for rather serious occasions, they are more often than not available in subdued colours like black and white though jewel tones manage to creep into the trend in some rare cases. On the other hand, cocktail dresses can be of any length ranging from your knees to your ankles and have a fun vibe about them so they are available in a lot of bright colours and shades.

The Adria Cocktail dresses here at Noodz Boutique (click here to see the product) is ample proof. Since they are of the midi/below the knee length, these can be considered to be cocktail dresses. The curve hugging fit teamed with the beautiful off the shoulder design allows you to show some skin all the same time looking elegant and classy. This dress will give the perfect image of a diva in an off-shoulder neckline style that is meant to be worn at cocktail parties.

The Penelope Satin Gown (click here to see the product) however features a floor-length mermaid silhouette with elegant long train. This evening dress is considered a formal dress and is suitable for black tie events including prom and a formal wedding. The shiny effect and silky feel of the satin fabric adds a touch of sophistication and luxury too.

How to Style your Formal Dress?

Once you are sure of the dress code for your evening wear, you can just go ahead and make a long gown like our Penelope Satin Gown your formal dress choice which makes you look like a million bucks no matter what the event. You may accessorise it with a statement piece of jewellery, which can be anything from a sparkly cuff or a pair of diamond tear drop earrings or neckpiece. But make sure you stick to just one and not overwhelm the formal look with a couple of gaudy accessories.

How to Style your Cocktail Dress?

Those of you who wish to invest in a cocktail dress must take care that their legs are tanned and well sculpted. Having that out of the way, cocktail dresses demand that you let your imagination take over with a colour tone that would instantly draw attention when you walk into a room. Also, going the daring yet feminine route with an off the shoulder dress is highly recommended. When you are accessorising your cocktail look, stick to stilettos, handbags and designer clutches. If you wish to add a bit of oomph, just let your hair hang loose in waves and your job will be done! Hopefully, at the end of this article you would be able to point out the difference between a cocktail and a formal dress even from the distance of a mile. 

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