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Posted on December 07 2023

Ever wondered about the difference between a simple wedding with your dear family and friends as opposed to eloping? 

The difference lies in the number of guests invited to your special day. In the past, elopement had a negative connotation but it has now changed with couples out there looking for something close to their heart and stress-free. 

To put it in definite terms, according to Eloping Australia, elopement refers to a limited guest list consisting of immediate family in a location that is beautifully decorated. This approach to celebrating your big day creates memories that are, private, special, and cherished. 

Vera by Nbluxe

Real bride Milika wearing our VERA Crepe Gown at her beautiful Blue Mountain elopement. Photographed by clarityphotography.krystal/instagram

Why Do Couples Elope?

Couples tend to elope for a list of reasons all of which are justifiable. Following are the reasons why a bride and groom might choose to elope rather than have a traditional wedding. 

Limited Planning

A traditional wedding requires tons and tons of never-ending planning. And one thing every bride and groom would tell you is that this planning doesn't end till the wedding day. Who likes this much hassle? 

However, this doesn't mean elopement requires no planning at all. There's planning for instance choosing a beautiful location, hiring a photographer, deciding on the decoration, and other wedding endeavours. But the list is smaller than a typical wedding. 

Now when one takes a look at the planning process for a traditional wedding, you've got a much bigger event and a lengthy guest list. 

Assuming a guest list of 200, for all these 200 guests you'll have to plan out invitations, design some sort of souvenirs, and other fun activities to keep the guests throughout the wedding. 

One also has to decide whether to go for an indoor wedding or an outdoor one. Choosing to have the event outside requires the extensive arrangement of blankets, umbrellas, and even parasols in some cases. 

Finance Cost 

The main factor behind every decision that's made by both the groom and the bride is the cash factor. Elopement presents the beautiful idea of spending a small amount of money on a day that will eventually end.

Take the example of guests for instance. The smaller your wedding guest list is, the smaller the paycheck you'll have to pay at the end of the day. But this is not a set rule. Elopements can be expensive if the bride and groom decide to spend a hefty amount on the location, decoration, and photographer. It should be noted that if the couple decides to spend a large amount of money on elopement, they'll do it on things that matter to them. 

And what's more special than that?

Productive Use of Time 

Time wasted in lengthy planning, arrangements, and deciding upon everything might not be a piece of cake for everyone. An elopement allows the whole ceremony to be done in a limited time frame. 

This allows the newlyweds to spend more time together on their honeymoon, and doing other things that they love. Weddings are not as simple as they seem in your average cliche movie, they're far too complicated and time-consuming. So decide wisely. 

Choosing The Perfect Elopement Dress

Going for an elopement dress that is nothing less than perfection requires serious thought. When making the final decision, keep the following factors in mind: 


Your elopement dress will certainly be affected by the location you decide upon. If the elopement ceremony is going to take place at the beach, you'll have to choose something brighter and wind-resistant. 

Dresses with a slit might not be preferable. If the wedding day is going to take place in the mountains, wear a dress that's going to complement the greenery and trees. 


The bride needs to take into consideration the climate before purchasing her elopement dress. If the ceremony is taking place in a summery climate, lightweight and breathable fabrics like chiffon or organza are popular. On the contrary, if it's a winter wedding going for heavy weight fabrics like velvet and satin are going to work perfectly. 

Seasonal colors besides temperature also affect the dress choice. If it's a summer wedding, pastel colors will work perfectly. And if the ceremony is taking place in fall or winter, darker tones are going to make for a better fit. 


No bigger factor contributes to your final decision-making than the money factor. Your final budget will determine the range of dresses you'll go for. For many their budget might be too tight to consider designer gowns while others don't shy away from spending a hefty amount on a gorgeous dress. 

It's important to set a realistic budget that won't end up with you having a penniless bank account. Another trick in the hat is to allocate your budget not only for the dress but also for other costs such as alterations, delivery costs, etc. 

Here at Noodz Boutique, we've got a range of dresses that are perfect for an elopement.


KALANI In White/Nude

Available in sizes starting from XS to XL, our Kalani gown comes in white and nude underlay options and vintage-inspired embroidered pattern sequins. The figure-hugging bodice makes the dress seem like it was tailor-made for the bride who wears it. 


 Real Bride Brooklyn Bart Wearing our Kalani Dress in White/Nude

If you decide to elope at a beach with a rustic theme, this gown's sweeping mermaid train will achieve that dreamy look for you. Another notable fact about this dress is that it's perfect for both a summer/winter wedding. 

Vera Long-Sleeve Crepe Gown 

Perfect for a winter elopement event, this vera long-sleeve crepe gown is both elegant and timeless. The sophisticated boat neckline and double-layer stretch crepe are great for a flattering look. 

Gorgeous Bride Milika in Vera Gown

Fiona Lace Gown Ivory

Our Fiona lace gown in ivory is perfect for a summer and/or destination wedding. Crafted from breathable lace, this dress comes with a timeless, feminine, and minimalistic vibe. Adorned in chantilly floral lace, this gown can be quickly thrown in luggage and is extremely lightweight. 

Beautiful Bride Nikki Hernandez wearing Fiona Lace Gown

If you plan on escaping the shackles of a traditional wedding, Noodz Boutique has you covered with our modern and timeless pieces. So explore our elopement dresses now and don’t hesitate to contact us for an immediate service.



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