Flat Tummy and Big Booty Exercises

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Posted on July 03 2017

The hourglass figure of a small waist and big booty is easier to achieve than you think. You don’t need expensive equipment or fancy gym memberships. Just you and your motivation! We know that working out is easier said than done so we have found some exercises you can do at home to give you results. Each exercise is easy to do and can be fit into a busy schedule. Take a look at these top tips for getting the body you’ve always wanted.

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Squats are an easy exercise that you can fit into any schedule. To begin with you can do air squats with no weights just your body. Then as your progress you can add weights. Small dumbbells are perfect for your exercise regime as they give resistance in your squats and don’t take up any space in your home. There are plenty of squat tutorials online, generally you keep your feet shoulder width apart and your spine straight. It is like sitting in a chair.


Scissors are a great way to work your abs without crunching. You don’t need any equipment, just you. You might want something like a towel to put underneath your body if you are uncomfortable. For the scissors, all you need to do is lie flat on your back, put your arms by your sides and lift both legs straight up. Now you will lower one leg down so it is nearly touching the floor and then scissor your legs to put your lowered leg back up and the leg that is up down towards the floor. This is a great exercise for your core.


Lunges are another easy exercise to give you a bigger booty. Not only are lunges great for that area but will also work your hips and thighs. For a lunge, you step forward with one leg and lower your hips until both knees are bent. There are many YouTube tutorials and workouts to show you how to do lunges. You can add in some dumbbells to work on your upper body to.

Elbow Plank

Elbow planks are a great way to tone those abs. All you have to do is start on your knees and rest on your forearms. Then push off the floor onto your toes and rest on your elbows. Keep your back flat and try and stay in this position for 20-30 seconds. You might be shaky at first but it’s worth it! You will soon get used to it and you will get results. Try to repeat around three times in your workout. The sweat and achy muscles will be worth it. You can get in shape and have a body that you are proud of.

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