How to Dress For Prom? A Young Woman’s Guide to School Formal

Written by Noodz Boutique


Posted on November 13 2019

Prom is a very special event for a young woman. It is not just a party but something she is going to cherish for a long time. How to dress for prom? Choosing a prom dress is often regarded as the most important part of the whole prom experience. Here are a few tips on how to dress for prom.

Choose a prom dress that expresses your individuality

Select a dress that expresses your individuality in the perfect way. You need to look stylish, but the dress must also compliment your body type, theme and colour. There are some dresses that come with a universal appeal and eternal charm which help you express your personality. Sequin gowns are a good choice if you are trendy and/or have a bubbly personality and you want to stand out. The eye-catching sparkle of sequins will ensure you are the centre of attention for the right reason. For a subtly sexy look, opt for Satin Gowns. Slinky satin and silk gowns are comfortable and wearable, yet luxurious and glamourous.

Choose one that is trendy, yet classic, stylish and elegant

Get educated on informative dress-fitting videos and valuable tips

You can find highly informative dress-fitting videos from YouTube that teach you how to do your own measurements to ensure a prom perfect fit.  They can also offer valuable tips on how to do the make-up and hair for prom and to keep your new prom dress in excellent condition ranging from delivery to preservation.

Purchase from an established online store with good reputation

When considering buying a prom dress online, you need to buy it from a reliable online store or boutique with good reputation. There are many counterfeit websites which use other websites' images on their websites without permission. When this is the case, the advertised dress and the one you purchase can be different. Prom dress purchase becomes a disappointing experience in such a situation. All these issues can be avoided if you conduct some research to identify reputable online stores by looking at the shop's Instagram and Facebook pages. Check if they have real customer's photos and if possible, get in touch with their customers through Instagram messages to find out if the boutique was legitimate and if the dresses were of high quality. Noodz Boutique is an Australian online store that offers a broad range of prom dresses in numerous designs, styles, colours, designs and materials to fulfil the varying needs of different young women. We have a large following on Instagram and Facebook. The product images shown on our website are our own images from our photoshoots as well as from our customers who were happy with their purchases and tagged us on social media.

Select the right accessories

After you've found the right prom dress, choose the most suitable accessories that compliment your prom dress. Popular accessories include wrist corsages, bracelet, necklace, earrings, hair pieces, shoes and purse. For example if your dress is a strapless sequin or satin gown, you can wear shoulder-grazing chandelier earrings. Or you can show off a dramatic prom heel in a high-low dress. Do your research and read online fashion magazines and forums to help you choose the right accessories.

Prom wrist corsages also deserve special consideration. Try matching the colour of your wrist corsage flowers with your dress and your date's tie. Exotic tropic flowers with deep green leaves can create visually striking contrast to prom dresses. If you want to add soft, elegant and sophistication, try delicate subtle blooms. All these aspects need to be taken into consideration when planning for prom.



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