How to Look Perfect on a Prom Night

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Posted on January 22 2018

A Perfect Dressing Guide from Head to Toe

Choosing a perfect prom dress requires the same efforts as choosing a wedding dress. It is very important to keep in mind the party theme, the season before making a color choice, your body shape before opting a stylish outfit. You may love frills or fluffy dresses, but your bulky body may completely spoil your look having an outfit which is not meant for your body type.

Once you begin shopping online, you would come across so many styles, cut, color choice and a lot more. You also should think about the atmosphere, location, your comfort level and the style quite trendy these days.

Let's workout on important areas you should consider for selecting a perfect prom night dress:

Choose a Color For Your Complexion

Fair skin people can try as many colors as possible as from light pink, blue undertones, ruby, sapphire and bright pastels would look awesome in this color tone. All the blues, greens and whites and blacks will always complement this skin tone.

Medium skin tone with pink, peach, soft pastels, lavender, plum and eggshell blue tones can leave the magical effects.

Earthy and peach tone can look forward to bold patterns and prints on red, green shades. Metallic gold will be the best color for this complexion.

Dark skin people can choose from golden to reddish tone, look for the ivory gowns and shimmery gold to look fabulous on a prom night.

Pick a Dress For Your Body Type

Choosing a dress for your body type can add an attraction to your overall personality. Keep in mind the two common myths about our body - "there's no perfect body" and "there's no perfect size". You can and should have a perfect size dress to make it look perfect on your body.

Pear-shaped body: Your dress should not be shorter than even an inch above your knees. A line skirt or dress will wonderful for your body but try to avoid fuller dress. Cover your lower half in the dark shades or it's better if you go with two-piece rather than a one-piece outfit.

Apple-shaped body: This body shape carries weight around their torso. A full bust and waist tend to have slimmer arms and legs so it's better if you avoid short tight dresses as empire-waisted dresses and strapless gowns will look good with a plunging V-neckline.

Hourglass body type: This is a nearly perfect body type which seems curvy. This type of bodies are easy to dress up and ensemble to avoid the too much attention on both top and bottom. Mermaid styles look wonderful on hourglass figure ladies.

Busty body type: A sheath style looks perfect on this body type. A sleek shape dress will show off your curves. But always look for the monochromatic shades instead of choosing bright patterns.

Other Factors that Played an Important Role in your Dress Selection

From a vast variety of colors, making the right color choice does matter a lot. The selection is vast so no wonder it requires some efforts and time to narrow down your color choice. So, look out a guide to pick the best color for your prom night.

Think about the atmosphere: Does your prom have a theme? You should be careful while choosing an outfit as per the theme color. For instance, you have a color choice of blue. You will come across a lot of shades of blue. Look for the seafoam green and explore the pearly pink, sandy yellow, seashell purple and more to explore all versions of color inspires the undersea life.

Consider the location: Look at the color palette according to the location A prom at the beachside and poolside will inspire the earthy shades and inspire underwater color scheme. Big city prom can inspire flashy and bright colors, neon light, tar black, a garden venue calls for a romantic color of rosy pink, lavender, earthy green, twilight blue and sunset orange.


Not only your body type, your choice of a location, theme and a lot more things matter to determine your overall dressing style on a prom night. Your complexion, figure, and location matter a lot when it comes to searching the right prom night dress.



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