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Lace Dresses Part II - Why should you choose a Lace Dress for your formal event?

Posted on 25 August 2016

Adulthood is not easy. Everytime your boss invites you to a formal event, you get nervous and jittery about what you should wear. You raid your closet for a suitable outfit yet when you reach the venue, you either seem to be overdressed or underdressed. Are you asking yourself where you went wrong? Probably when you didn’t consider the classic and chic lace dress as your formal wear? The lace dress is not a one night stand but a lifelong commitment which you can wear multiple times without being repetitive. It is considered classic and timeless so you can usually pass it on to your next generation.

Check out our top 2 picks for lace formal dresses, so that you know where to start when choosing the outfit to dazzle at your next formal event.

1. Monaco Gown - comes in Red, Black and Navy (click here to see the product)

If you have dreamt of being a mermaid, this lace formal dress with a mermaid silhouette is just the one for you. The scoop neckline makes you look dainty yet elegant while the sheer lace and mesh design from the neck to the waist ensures that you make a statement. 


2. Thalia Gown (click here to see the product)

Another gorgeous mermaid style lace dress that is the ideal Hollywood red carpet attire. The built-in beige bodysuit lining adds an element of risqué to this already chic and timeless outfit. This dress compliments the women who have hourglass body shape the most, highlighting all your sexy curves and hiding all the extra fat that you might have.




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