Spring Racing Fashion & Styling Tips

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Posted on October 14 2016

Spring is here bringing with it the Spring Racing Carnival. Spring racing fashion is the epitome of elegance and lady-like sophistication. Dressing for the races can be a minefield. But fear not as we have a created a style guide featuring everything you need to know to give you a classy outfit perfect for the races and beyond.

A Guide: What to wear to each day of the Spring Racing Event?

1. Derby Day

The races begin with Derby Day. This traditional event requires a sophisticated, elegant outfit with toned down shades. Black and white are the colours of choice which is great news as you can never go wrong with these classic colours. 

If wearing a fascinator choose a black or white one that is simple. This will compliment your outfit, keep in with the monochrome palette and finish off your look in style.

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2. Melbourne Cup Day

Dressing for Melbourne Cup Day allows you to be bold and wear splashes of bright colour. This event does still require an elegant outfit so it is important to choose an outfit which combines these elements with taste. This is easier than it sounds just consider keeping your hemline on the knee or below and avoid showing too much skin. You can choose brighter colours for your fascinators on this day. You could even choose a unique shape to stand out from the crowd. 

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3. Oaks Day

Oaks Day is also known as Ladies Day which means it’s the perfect event to wear feminine outfits with soft colours and pretty details. Light colours and floral prints are popular because these are classy and suit the Spring season. Lace is also a must have, it’s bang on trend and adds a glam touch to your outfit. Overall this event is a time to show off your own unique style.

Fascinators for this day should keep in with the feminine look. Choose fascinators that colour match your dress and if wearing a print, pick one colour out of the print for your fascinator.


4. Stakes Day

Stakes Day is the final racing event. It is known to be a more relaxed even perfect for the family. The dress code reflects this allowing you to wear clothing a little more comfortable if you wish. For this event there aren’t as many rules so just have fun.

If you decide to wear a fascinator on Stakes Day just choose one that is fun and stylish that shows off your personal style. This isn’t a day of strict style rules so just experiment. 

Tips to keep in mind when choosing a fascinator

Fascinators are the mandatory accessories of any diva attending a racecourse event. If you are wearing an outfit with bold colours and interesting patterns, you might want to stick to simple yet elegant fascinators in one colour whereas if your outfit has lighter hues and an elegant design, you can experiment with extraordinary trimmings, unusual shapes and bright colours. Don’t shy away from trying out everything from polka dots to 3D elements, metallic to exotic skin prints. Just make sure you choose your fascinator after you have selected your outfit so that you can do a trial run and see if the two pair well together.

Save yourself the horror: Fashion mistakes to avoid during Spring Racing Season

  • It doesn’t matter whether you go the stiletto or pump shoe route. Just don’t go barefoot!
  • Showing too much skin is a big NO-NO. You can always bare your cleavage some other time.
  • Hemlines should be knee length, mid-calf or below knee length. Don’t go shorter than this.
  • Sequin garments or accessories are not appropriate on a racecourse.
  • Party wear and race wear occupy two opposite poles where fashion is concerned. Don’t confuse the two!
  • Race wear is feminine, classic and timeless so you should always stick to the motto ‘Less is more.’
  • Avoid wearing denim like the plague!
  • Stick to modest silhouettes, feminine and classic styles and you won’t go wrong.

We hope you have been inspired by our guide. Make sure you check out the full range of Race Day dresses at Noodz Boutique.



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