The Dressing Do’s And Don’ts of Spring Racing Carnival

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Posted on November 13 2019

The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is just around the corner. You might have started your preparation in advance. You might have many ideas in mind about what you would like to wear, or no ideas at all. One thing for sure if these days people are forgetting about the horse. The carnival is now all about what people wear, who wears what and who wears it best.

If you are someone who loves to plan your outfits for going to the races, then getting dressed up like no one else does might be your motto. Though planning outfits for the races doesn't always sound easy or a fun experience for all. Without wasting much time, let's jump to the dressing do’s and don’ts for making your preparation of outfits for the Spring Racing Carnival easy.

- Do Embrace Colours You Love

Don’t be afraid of colours, embrace them instead! Of course, this is the best approach one can ever put into practice. Even if you know that you have to plan for day outfits, be bold and say yes to colours you like. When shopping for Races Dresses be sure to go with the pleasant colours of your choice. 

- Don’t Over Accessorise

Too many bulky jewels can make look terrible. You should never drown out your gorgeous dress for the day race with boring and heavy jewellery. Keep your accessories simple that looks elegant with your style.

- Do Pay Attention to Details

Dress for Spring Racing Carnival

Race wear dresses are available in abundance. What ever style you choose, do pay attention to details as a little thing can make a huge difference. Make sure your legs look smooth in the attire you pick and hair is styled to perfection.

- Don’t Forget Comfort

When preparing for a Spring Racing Carnival, be sure not to compromise on comfort. It's not a good idea to neglect your comfort zone. Always dress in comfort without compromising on the fashion and latest trends.

- Do Keep It Classy

Here is the best piece of advice for every race goer plan a Spring Racing outfits while keeping the things classy. Avoid everything that risks a wardrobe malfunction like overflowing cleavage and keep everything classy.

- Don’t Forget the Hats

Make sure the hat you choose match your dress. Keep your outfit simple and let your hat make the statement. Don't forget to pay attention to size and height of the hat.

- Do Check the Weather Report

Since the races are a daytime affair, keep the weather report in check. If you are going spend a whole day in sunny weather, don't forget to pack and apply Sunscreen.

- Do Your Research

Best Outfit for Spring Racing

If you are ready to look trendy, do plenty of research. Search around for the perfect and killer outfit that makes you stand out from the crowd. And remember to keep all the do's and don'ts described here in mind while picking up a perfect outfit for the race day.

- Don’t Dress for the After Party

Elegance and class are main keys, as races are going to be held in daytime. Keep you look natural and stunning to stay unique. This approach applies to your makeup too.

Spring Racing Carnival is about not just having fun but also dressing up. Now, follow all the do's and don'ts and dress to impress. Then, what you are thinking of? Plan your shopping for the best outfit and make Spring Racing Carnival a perfect occasion to have fun.



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