Tips for choosing a mother of the bride dress

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Posted on October 10 2023

Among life's grand celebrations, nothing comes close to the day you wed your daughter. Being the mother of the bride, you will occupy a place of absolute grace and honour, a figure who is pivotal for the narrative of such a happy occasion.

Here at Noodz Boutique, we have a line of Mother of the Bride dresses specially catered to the needs and wants of all the mothers who want to look the best on their child's special day. From formal dresses with sleeves to floor-length gowns, we have got you covered with a never-ending range.

Coordination with Lady of The Hour And Wedding Theme

The centre of attention at every wedding is the bride herself. Therefore, it makes sense to ask for her opinion on matters that are important including your dress.

As the Mother of the Bride, the most straightforward way to decide upon a dress is to go with the theme of the wedding. Make sure to align your dress idea with the colour palette that's being followed by everyone.

If the bride is going for a traditional white gown with her bridesmaids wearing dresses in neutral and pastel tones, you as the mother of the bride might choose a dress in darker neutral and similar shades of pastels as they will be the perfect complement. In the case of a formal black-tie wedding, you might opt for a bolder piece or one of the sequin gowns that add a much-needed sprinkle of glamour.

Flattering Silhouette And Length

One pointer to remember is that as the mother of the bride, you want to complement her look, not overshine her in any way. Therefore, consideration of the style and features of your dress is an equally important aspect to keep in mind.

Sequin dresses are perfect for sophistication and glamour. But, make sure the sequins are not overly flashy, as the mother you should be the epitome of sophistication and elegance.

The features of the dress are important to take into account. However, as the mother you'll be looking after many things on the event day hence, making it a must for your dress to have comfortable fabric and fit.

Meredith Dress in Teal by Noodz Boutique

Consider Affordable Options

At times, in order to achieve the desired look, you might have to go for alterations which will incur additional costs. So, remember to budget smartly for the overall look. There's nothing better than a dress that's affordable and available online. Based in Sydney, Australia, Noodz Boutique online store offers an array of stylish mother of the bride dresses including midi cocktail dresses and full-length formal dresses at various price points so there's always a dress to suit every individual preference and style.



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