When and How to Wear Peplum Dresses

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Posted on July 11 2016

What is a Peplum Dress?

Peplum dresses have been the rising trend for quite a number of years. A particular kind of dress, a peplum is something which has a piece of fabric being gathered together so that flares up and creates a ruffle hem or a fluted hem. A part of the category which fashion designers classify as being among the vintage looks, the peplum has become so enormously popular due to the waist flounce that it creates, giving anyone who wears the dress an aura of vintage charm while making them look sexy yet classy. It comes as no surprise that the bandage peplum dress has been climbing the popularity charts as of late.

What are the ideal occasions to wear a Peplum Dress?

A peplum dress is quite a versatile bit of clothing which can make you look good no matter what the occasion. While the ruffled and the fluted hem adds a bit of fun to any cocktail party that you attend, the touch of vintage that comes with the waist flounce lets everyone know that you mean business every time you attend a corporate event or any other formal occasion.

Which body types does the Peplum Dress look best on?

People often think that peplum dresses can only be worn by people who have the hour glass body type. Though it cannot be denied that hourglass body type women look the best wearing a peplum dress, other body types don’t have to be deprived of the honour of wearing one, provided they select the right kind of peplum dress. If you have a straight body type, the gathered peplum will suit you fine while if you have a heavier lower half, the flared peplum would make you look elegant. The pleated peplum can help you hide your fat rolls while the asymmetrical peplum helps you gain the impression of being curvy and voluptuous.

Why should every girl own a peplum dress?

The peplum dress has become every girl’s dream garment in the modern age as it helps women of every body type attain the beautiful hourglass shape regardless of their own body type. Not only does it stand for everything that is feminine and graceful, the tight fit in the bandage peplum dresses allows one to tuck in the fat rolls with the ruffled hem and the waist flounce and appear sexy yet classy. The peplum dress look can give you the elegant and timeless look by making you look skinny while accentuating the curves near your bust and the hip region.

Here are some of the bandage peplum dresses you must own, if you don’t yet know where to start.

1. Helena Midi Bandage Dress (click here to see the products)

This bandage peplum dress has a strapless sweetheart neckline which exudes romance while the luxurious fluted hem makes sure all eyes remain on you when you walk through the door. The heavy stretch fabric gives you a form fitting and body hugging garment which can make you look stunning even at the end of a tiring day.

If strapless dresses are not your thing, our Helen peplum dress with the halter straps might be the answer.


2. Danica Peplum Off-Shoulder Dress (click here to see the products)

This peplum top midi dress has a style which is timelessly sexy. The curve hugging fit makes you look skinny yet curvy while the peplum off the shoulder design will make you look feminine and fabulous at any cocktail party. 

3. Jessica Two Piece Peplum Dress (click here to see the products)

This two piece peplum dress gives you the opportunity to mix and match the midi skirt as well as the peplum top with the ruffled hem. The Jessica Two Piece dress would highlight all the best features of your body and hide all those flabby bits you are embarrassed about!

Now that you know all you needed to know about how and when to wear a peplum dress. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy one for yourself! 



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