Lace Dresses Part I - Why should you choose a Lace Dress for your next social event?

Written by Noodz Boutique


Posted on July 21 2016

There are some fabrics you know that you can never go wrong with and lace dresses definitely top the list. Being the modern fashionista, you must always be on the lookout for classy and elegant cocktail dresses which are somewhat different from what they have on offer in the stores. Lace dresses are not only just used as wedding dresses these days but are also incorporated into various bandage dresses, bodycon dresses and other kinds of form fitting dresses and the combination of each of those popular dress trends is jaw dropping to say the least.

Why are Lace dresses so popular?

Lace has been there during your grandmother’s time, your mother’s time and now it remains the most impressive dress material now that you have grown up to be a pretty young lady. Lace dresses are timelessly elegant and can make anyone look sophisticated without putting in a lot of effort. Since the lace dresses are so classy and timeless, you can also pass them on to your next generation without fearing that it would go out of style. Now that lace dresses are also found in form fitting, bandage dress varieties, you have more reason to indulge in lace as these particular kind of lace dresses would give you the impression of being skinny and hide all your fat rolls while making you look curvy in the right places.

Here are our picks of the lace bodycon cocktail dresses for some of your occasions or parties you may attend in the near future.

1. Florence Dress (click here to see the product): The Florence dress has been custom made keeping those occasions in mind where you want to look classy and sophisticated in a stunning dress but also want to make it look sexy. This curve loving bandage dress gives you ample scope to show off your cleavage at a race event and other formal affairs while the sheer lace detailing on the back and the sleeves makes sure that you look as enchanting as a princess.

How should you accessorise the Florence Dress in Black?

Using a pendent to accentuate the sweetheart neckline and wearing some pearl earrings should see you through the day as this dress in itself is already absolutely gorgeous. 

2. Angie Dress in Black (click here to see the product): This gorgeous dress will make you stand out in all the social events or cocktail parties which you attend next. Be it a date, an official gathering or a night out with your best friends, our elegant Angie dress is surely the one to have in your wardrobe. With the popular sweetheart neckline and the sexy lace and satin detailing, this is one of those bodycon dresses which can make anyone stop in their tracks to admire your beautiful figure!

How should you accessorise the Angie Dress in Black?

Since this form fitting dress is all about channelling the seductive vibe, we would recommend you to opt for a clutch and some stilettos. If you are a fan of earrings, go for the diamond encrusted tear drop shaped ones and you’ll be good to go.

Having one or a few of our lace dresses in your wardrobe will ensure you make the most of the lace dress trend amongst cocktail dresses. We promise you won’t be regretting your splurge any time soon!




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